Risk Management Policies

The NS Ramblers Bicycle club is a volunteer-based, non profit organization for social and recreational bicycle touring. It was started in 2007, with the idea of sharing knowledge of cycling trails and roads, meeting others who share a similar interest and helping fellow participants by sharing transportation and providing advice. The NS Ramblers promotes bicycle touring on paved and unpaved roads and trails within HRM and beyond. The club emphasizes the social, recreational, utilitarian, adventure and fitness aspects of cycling without undue emphasis on athletic or competitive cycling.

The NS Ramblers recognizes there is always a potential for accidents on club rides. The club’s responsibilities include ensuring the rides are as safe as possible. To help achieve this, the NS Ramblers has developed this Risk Management Plan that defines the club’s policy as they relate to safety. The contact person, organizer or ride coordinator (RC) is not a guide, but a coordinator of a group activity, whose participants share a common interest.

Safe Riding Policies

  1. All members must have a bicycle in good working order and wear an approved helmet whenever they are cycling on a club ride. The RC shall refuse to allow someone to participate in a club ride if that person does not meet the above. Participants are required to carry water, snacks, air pump, extra tube and patch kit, tools, bell and lights if ride starts / ends in the dark.

  2. All members must obey the Highway Traffic Laws at all times. This includes riding single file on both road

    and trail.

  3. At least one person on each ride shall carry a first-aid kit. The NS Ramblers encourages all RC (and members) to take a first-aid course. Participants are required to assist with safety assessment by informing the RC if there is a perceived risk beyond their ability and ask for assistance.

  4. For each ride the RC shall nominate an experienced cyclist as a “Sweep”. The Sweep shall cycle last in the group and shall provide help and support to members as required. The RC will explain the length, duration, terrain of the tour, and route direction prior to departure. In addition, the RC will review safety procedures prior to departure. There will be a sign in sheet for members to signify attendance.

  5. On each ride, or as otherwise announced at the start of the ride, the RC shall announce meeting or regrouping points on the ride. These are to ensure everybody on the ride is safe and accounted for, as well as an opportunity for rest and refreshments. Anyone wanting to leave the group will so notify the RC or sweep prior to leaving.

  6. The NS Ramblers encourages all Tour Leaders to take Can Bike 11 advanced cycling course. The Tour Leaders and other experienced cyclists within the membership are encouraged to share safe cycling practices with people on the ride.

  7. Wherever possible, at least one person on each ride shall carry a cell-phone to call for help, if the need arises.

The Nova Scotia Ramblers Bicycle Club

30 March, 2019