Participant's Responsibilities before that first ride

Please refer to Risk Management section and in particular the Club Ride Etiquette.  These policies were designed to enhance both your enjoyment and safety.

Like any other outing, one needs to be prepared. Check the ride distance, have you ridden this far recently? If not, perhaps a "trial" bike ride, of even part of the distance a few days before the ride would be prudent. A moderate level of cycling fitness is required to ride with the Ramblers.

Your bike should be in a decent state of repair, i.e., tires pumped up, chain and moving parts oiled, and inspected to ensure there are no loose parts. In your check, you should follow the A,B,C and D rule:
A is for air
B is for brakes
C is for cranks / cassettes
D is for the "drop" - lift your bike 15 cm or 6 inches off the ground and drop it (catch it so it does not fall), while listening for any clinks, clanks or rattles which would signify loose parts and potential hazards. Your local bike shop is a great place to get your bike tuned up.

Your ride will go more smoothly if your bike is properly adjusted for your height, well lubricated and your tires are pumped to the recommended pressure.

On ride day, arrive early and ask an experienced cyclist to have a look at your bike; we all have learned this way in the past. It is amazing that with a few minor adjustments and riding tips on say shifting for the hills and braking will enhance your overall experience. Ask, and we will be pleased to help.

The ABC Check