Rambler Ride Etiquette

A defining characteristic of Rambler rides is that they are group events, intended to provide an opportunity to experience the countryside and our fellow riders, not just the cycling. We like, for the most part, to stay together regrouping as necessary to accommodate different riding paces and to take the time to enjoy the journey. Sometimes our 'stops' (usually food-related) are the most enjoyable parts of the event. 

We accomplish this by having a group coordinator (normally the Ride Coordinator or RC) that leads the ride, setting the route and the pace, and a designated sweep that ensures that no one gets left behind.  The formal 'ride group' consists of all riders including and between the group coordinator and the sweep.

There are times when riders may wish to leave the formal ride group for various reasons by either going ahead of the group coordinator or dropping behind the sweep. In order that the group coordinator and sweep can perform their intended roles, we ask that any rider wishing to leave or rejoin the ride group inform either the group coordinator or the sweep as they do so. Those that leave the ride group should understand that the RC may make changes to the ride in progress and will do so without consideration of those who have chosen to ride independently of the ride group.

When there are a large number of riders, the RC may decide to establish more than one ride group by identifying a second group coordinator and sweep. This may be done to accommodate different pace expectations or equipment and route options. Riders should feel free to change groups at any time but should inform the group coordinator or sweep in each group as they make the change.

Communication is essential. The following are in ride announcements that ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Car Back: Tells riders ahead that a car is approaching from behind
Car Up: Tells riders a car is approaching from the front
Single Up: Riders need to be in single file
Walker/Runner up: Pedestrian in the road or trail ahead
Hole: Warns riders of broken pavement that can cause damage or a fall
Slowing/Stopping: Warns riders about change of speed. Prevents tailgate crashes
On your left: Lets others know you are passing. When passing uphill, be courteous and
considerate to those working harder than you. Idle chit chat coming from a stronger rider or an E-
bike rider might not be welcomed.

While Rambler rides are generally appropriate for all reasonably fit and capable cyclists, the speed of the group is ultimately established by the slowest riders. We therefore expect that riders will read the ride description and classification to determine if they will be comfortable participating on any given ride. In order not to unfairly impact on the enjoyment of the majority of the group, in the event that any riders are not able to maintain a reasonable minimum pace on a given ride, at the first regroup, the group coordinator, in consultation with the sweep, may suggest that one or more riders leave the ride group and ride independently.