Everyday Gear

Ok, so you are going for a 3 to 5 hour day ride with a group of NS Ramblers. You know that everyone in the group is or will be self sufficient for the day. That means you will be able to look after your personal safety, your physical needs and the needs of your bicycle for the day. Looking after your physical needs is a no brainer Food and water will power the engine of your bicycle. The engine is you.

Personal Safety:

  • Wear an approved bicycle helmet.  Know and follow rules of the road.  Ride single file.
  • Carry Identification with contact numbers and names
  • Carry your Health card because you never know.
  • Map of the route. Know where you are going
  • Jacket, lightweight for rain and/or wind.


Carry fluids. Water is best. Drink before you get too thirsty.  Your body loses fluids even on a cold day.    


Gel packs, energy bars, bananas, your own fruit/nut/candy mix or a sandwich are all good for
snacking on.  Nibble something at least every hour to keep your energy up.



All of your bicycle’s needs should have been tended to prior to leaving home. Chains should be lubricated. Brakes have been adjusted. Nuts and bolts have been tightened. Tires are inflated.  Despite your due diligence, things will happen on the road and tools will be required to fix them.

Tools and Equipment:

This is what you carry in your saddle/pannier bags.

  • A Multi Tool with hex wrenches up to 8mm, including a Philips and flathead screwdriver
  • A Chain Tool (your chain type) used to repair/replace/remove chain links
  • A Spoke Wrench to tighten spokes. Loose spokes are usually found when fixing a flat.
  • Zip ties and some Duct Tape. Red Green’s fix for everything.
  • Spare Inner Tube for your wheel and tire size to replace your first flat of the day.
  • Patch Kit to fix your second flat tire of the day. Either this or carry a second spare inner tube.
  • Tire Levers come in a pack of three but only two are actually needed.
  • A Mini Pump with both Presta and Shrader valve heads.
  • Rubber Gloves to keep your hands and everything else you touch free of grease, dirt and grime.
  • Crescent Wrenches, small, but large enough to fit on your wheel axle nuts if you don’t have
    quick release wheels.

There are people who carry more tools and equipment, but at a minimum you should not leave home without the items listed here.  Also, if you have one and most people do, carry a fully charged cell phone.