Role of the Event Coordinator (EC)

As the club is now over 5 years old and many of the member have long tenure, we have become well entrenched in the safety and enjoyment of the rides and multi day tours. Indeed more than 75 of our members have taken CAN-BIKE (safe cycling) courses. In addition, the Rambler culture of being independent but still helping out fellow bicyclists is well established.

Going forward based on the above and in particular the fact we are all adults and for the most part self reliant, the role of the EC has been modified.

The EC will:

  • Familiarize themselves with the route, as well as possible rest spots, lunch stops and washroom places.
  • A few days prior to the ride, via the list serve, provide a brief update of the ride which will:

- Let members especially the new ones know there will be an EC for the ride

- Remind members of the upcoming ride

- Provide the start point and brief description of the ride

  • Make arrangements to obtain a Ramblers "Safety Kit" from one of the Exec to have for the ride. This kit contains walkie talkies, waivers, and a first aid kit. Walkie talkies are to be distributed to the sweep, EC and another member on the ride.
  • Carry a cell phone if possible.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start to act as a "greeter", especially to new members or first time guests.
  • Just before the commencement of the ride,
    • Welcome participants to the Ramblers ride.
    • Get all participants to call out their names before the following…
    • We are a special niche in that we encourage folks to ride in a relaxed pace, in social setting and in between the sweep and EC. Should you wish to leave or subsequently rejoin the group, please notify either the sweep or the EC as you do so.
    • Please ride single file on all roads and trails, signal, announce and shoulder-check when passing or stopping and obey the rules of the road. When regrouping, make sure you and your bike are completely off the road.
    • Discuss the (current) ride / regroups and lunch stop and then call for introductions. If newbies or guests are present, perhaps pair them off with a seasoned member.
  • Appoint a ride sweep, if so needed
  • Call for introduction and then lead the ride
  • Report any accidents to club executive if applicable

The sweep will:

  • Obtain a walkie talkie from the EC for the day
  • Stay at the end to monitor speed
  • Make recommendations to the EC if any one or group are too slow, hence reducing the pleasure of the group as a whole
  • Assist with minor bike repairs if able to. If not able to, use walkie talkie to call for someone who can assist (not maintenance items, like oil / pumping up tires as this is each participant's responsibility.)